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level 2 survey

A level 2 survey takes approximately 1.5-4 hours at the property to complete, this survey provides .

A summary of condition and surveyors overall opinion of the property.

Features of the property.

Elements outside the property and their condition.

Elements inside the property and their condition.

A visual inspection of services ,gas electric water.

Garages and any permanent out buildings grounds and their condition.


Damp and mold assessment

Our surveyor will use his wealth of knowledge in this field to assess any damp and mold issues and compile a report recommending any courses of action required to remedy the problem


level 3 survey

A level 3 survey takes approximately 4-8 hours at the property to complete and provides.

A detailed description of each element of the building.

An overall opinion of the buildings condition.

A breakdown of each building elements condition.

Photographic evidence is included.

Recommendations of any repair work or further testing required.

Legal matters that your legal advisor should be aware of.Hazards that could affect your or the buildings health.

Energy saving recomendations.


Wall tie survey

Using specialist equipment our surveyor will provide a report into the condition of your wall ties and recommendations as to any remedial works required

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